Design experience — a passion for excellence

Thompson Smith studio has a genuine desire to help each client succeed. We care about clients needs to make sure the design, look and function is what you want, offering that extra bit to make it just right.

Websites designs

Thompson Smith studio creates websites for clients to help their mission using responsive designs with integrated eCommerce solutions. Years of graphic design experience, photography, expert typographical knowledge and coding experience create the complete high-quality package.

If you need an eCommerce store to sell products, looking to start a new company or re-design an old website up to new standards, send us a message to get started on your next website project.

Designing logos and corporate branding

Specializing in logos, logotype design Thompson Smith studio takes pride in creating lifetime branding for your company. Take a look at some of our logo designs over the years.

Illustration, Promotional Artwork

Thompson Smith has always enjoyed technical illustration since high school and continues his passion. If you are looking for that special hand illustrated drawing to set your company ahead, contact us today.

Illustrations Thompson's illustrations have been published in Road & Track Magazine, Audi quattro club, Porsche Club of America, ski industry brochures and promotional racing posters.


With over 30 years of designing for print Thompson Smith has created catalogs, magazines and brochures to make your company stand out.


Thompson Smith has the experience of designing advertising for clients in leading bicycle and radio control magazines. His design work for Carnac Shoes and Vittoria Tires has been noted in a Road Bike Action article, retro tech — a look back in advertising of the 1990s.

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